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Chaya Berlin  b.1982

"Light is a matter of a passing moment, painting it, is eternal"

Chaya Berlin was born in Jerusalem and been living there since., Berlin likes painting the depth and the holy fragile light.

Here, in her place of her residence - among the alleys of the old Beit Israel neighborhood, she breathes art...

On the way to the Kotel, which is just walking distance away and at the Kotel, along with all the prayers, she gets her source of inspiration. Every time the desire to paint and express arises and the result is always different and surprising..


At the beginning of her journey in art, she was influenced by the Artist Ora Nissim who gave her the flow in the colors and the confidence, later she studied from the artist Leonid Balaklav, where sh derived  insights into depth in painting, Berlin understood the specialness of the Jerusalem light, and how to express her personal point of view.


Berlin recently completed her professional  academic art history studies  where a world of styles in art had opened up to her.

 In some of her paintings she chose to use the motif of the breastplate stones, The special stones have all the colors,

Everyone can find their own light in them, and they all together influence the whole of Jerusalem and bring light of joy and redemption!

For Chaya its a mission to convey her inner feelings through professional and diverse art

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