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 " L❤VART"– the new pop art brand A tribute to ” Keith Haring"

The artist Lucien Krief share an artistic history that goes back twenty years.
Lucien is an esteemed artist, gallerist and the founder of the world's leading
contemporary Judaica Gallery.

In recent years, Lucien has developed a fascinating and unique concept of "L❤VART".
This international and top pop art sculpture bases itself on Hasidic ideas, which are the sources of inspiration from him. Lucien combine the pop art with a universal message that tells a story about freedom, liberty, humanity and love.
It is a conversion of deep spiritual and mystical content into a language accessible to all, using
aesthetic, colorful, material and boundary-breaking compositions.
L❤VART's first concept project is a tribute to the 1980's, to its leading international pop art artist Keith Haring.

Inspired by his characters, which have become global symbols of contemporary art and have
permeated widespread cultural and consumer dimensions, the project is a delicate combination of ingenious simplicity and human expressions that are beyond color, affiliation or identity, and
represent a refined essence of being.
It is a perfect and complementary point of connection between two opposite ends -
Hasidic spirituality and universal humanism.
Transforming the two-dimensional characters of Haring into a three-dimensional sculpture deepens its meaning and gives substance to imagination and space for creativity.
The combination with the heart motif transforms the artist homage into an artwork that opens new horizons in contemporary pop art sculpture.

The L❤VART series of sculptures varies in compositions, sizes and colors and is suitable for
different spaces. Suitable for home space, it enhances business spaces and improves public spaces. This and more can be achieved in collaborations with architects, designers and entrepreneurs.

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