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LKG is the website of Lucien Krief Gallery Ltd., it is clarified that the prices of the products offered on the site and the promotions there are valid for purchase through the site only.
Everyone who performs an action on the site declares that he is aware of the site's rules and rules of participation in the site and receives them, and that no claim and / or claim on his behalf will be made against the site owners and / or operators and / or anyone on their behalf in connection with and / or use of the site. Apart from claims related to the breach of the obligation of the owners of the site and / or its operators in accordance with the regulations and the terms of participation below.
LKG reserves the exclusive right to make any changes to the Site at any time for any reason, without any prior notice and without any liability on its part.
For various and additional inquiries you can contact us +972-2-6251049 /

All financial agreements are bound by the terms of heter iska Brith Pinchas.

Any person who is a resident of Israel, over the age of 18, who owns a valid Israeli credit card (local and / or international) may participate in the sales on the website.
Participation is conditional on registering on the site and providing complete, correct and accurate personal details, including name, ID number, address, telephone number and a valid e-mail address.
If the client is a minor (under the age of 18) or is not entitled to perform legal actions without the consent of a guardian, his use of the site will be regarded as having received the consent of a guardian.

To buy products on the Site, the Buyer must create a personal account. This Account allows the user to: manage personal information (contact details, password,email address)
access the social functions of the Site (comments, creation of collections, messaging, sharing on social networks ...)
access their invoices and information concerning orders (order tracking number).

A prerequisite for the approval of the purchase transaction is its approval by the credit card company. The product will be delivered to the customer's house only after receiving this approval and in accordance with the other provisions of the regulations.

Lucien Krief Gallery may reserve the exclusive right, at any time, in its sole discretion to discontinue and / or immediately prevent access to sales and / or cancel sales of a customer whose conduct is inappropriate or in accordance with the rules of participation, and / or try to impair the proper management of sales on the site and / or who have violated the privacy agreement and / or any other law, law, regulation and / or provision and / or if LKG decides that the user has made improper or unreasonable use of the site.​​

Your privacy is important to us. To improve the protection of your privacy we provide this information about our privacy protection policy and about the options available to you while you are on the site and regarding our conduct regarding the collection of information on the site.
At the time of purchase, you are required to provide personal details (such as: name, ID number, email address and telephone number). The personal details in the order form are provided according to the customer's wishes and consent. Filling in the details indicates the client's consent to their delivery.

The purpose of providing the personal information is to enable the company to provide the products and / or services to the customer. In addition, the credit card details of the customer are required in order to complete the transaction. The information is not passed on to any other party except as required to complete the transaction (such as to the credit company). In case you sent us an email we will use the email address from which you sent for sending a return email.

The products on the website
LKG offers for purchase on the site various works that it deems appropriate, and at its sole discretion. LKG reserves the exclusive right, and at any time, to add and / or deduct products and / or services offered for purchase on the site as well as to determine the method of purchase and the purchase price.
The products participating in this site and their prices will be valid for existing inventory only.
LKG reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to deliver a particular product in the event that the product is out of stock. LKG will notify the customer of a product that is not in stock within 7 business days. In such a case, LKG will notify the customer of the cancellation of the transaction, or alternatively, will offer him a replacement product.
In any case where, due to a mistake in good faith, the details described in the product ad do not match the product for which the product ad was published, the customer will be given an option to choose between receiving the existing product as actually provided, and receiving all amounts charged to the product.

Cancellation of a purchase by the customer
The customer is obliged to test the product immediately upon receipt. If the product is delivered when it is defective or when the product specification is different from the specification published on the website, the customer may cancel while notifying the service center and in this case the customer will not be charged for cancellation fees but will be required to return the product to us within 7 business days.
In any other case, the customer may cancel the transaction within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product, or from the date of receipt of the transaction details document, whichever is later, while charging the customer a cancellation fee as provided by the Israeli law.
The customer is obligated to return the product to LKG and for the avoidance of doubt, the cost of shipping to our offices will apply to the buyer.
It should be emphasized that all of the above will not detract from LKG's right to claim any damage caused to it due to such cancellation due to the fact that the value of the product has decreased as a result of a significant deterioration in its condition.
Cancellation of a transaction will be made in writing via email.
Cancellation of the purchase by the company
In each of the cases listed below, LKG and the site may cancel the order and / or the contract with the customer, provided that you send a written notice to the customer of the cancellation of the order and / or the contract, detailing the reasons for cancellation within 10 working days from the date of order confirmation:
1. In the event that a mistake is made in good faith in one of the data specified in the product ad on which the order is placed.
2. In the event of an increase in the rate of taxes, fees, levies and all mandatory payments that apply to the products offered on the site, and which entered into force legally in the period from the date of order confirmation until the date of delivery of the product.
3. In the event that a "force majeure" prevents the proper operation of the site. "Force majeure", including but not limited to, a case of material failure in the computer system, telephone system or other communication systems serving the Lucien Krief Gallery and / or the Website, in the event of an exceptional security incident, a terrorist incident (foreign), and in any other case In it, factors and / or events that are not controlled by Lucien Krief Gallery and / or the site will delay, disrupt or disrupt the normal operation of the site or the supply of the products.
4. In the event that the customer did not meet its obligations under the purchase agreement, including but not limited to, the obligation to pay the consideration for the product he ordered, and / or in any case where the customer provided incorrect and / or inaccurate and / or imperfect details.
It should be emphasized that the submission of false information is a criminal offense and if it does, criminal and civil legal proceedings are expected.
5. If it turns out that illegal activity has taken place and / or is taking place on the site.

The Lucien Krief Gallery is not responsible and / or obligated for the artwork condition, and it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure, that he has requested, received and considered, any condition report before the sale. The terms of sale, including the condition report, do not apply to the artwork frame. LKG is not responsible for condition or damages on frame.

Each buyer has 21 days from the date of sale to check the authenticity of the piece he purchased - after 21 days LKG will not receive any claim about a mistake in the catalog including measurements, technique, authentic problems etc.

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