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Yoël Benharrouche b.1961

Yoël Benharrouche born in 1961 in Beersheba, Israel, he is a recognized contemporary artist whose work is included in many notable international collections.

Alongside his wife and five children, he sculpts and paints a world where the material becomes spiritual, and the lyricism of colours and the delicacy of forms are a celebration of the Creator and his Creation, mankind.

Benharrouche expresses the balance between the spiritual and material world through his work.

His paintings are divided into four parts. The upper area represents spirituality, the lower is symbolic of the material world. The right side shows the force to give, such as giving objects from the right hand and the left is to show the force of the need to receive. The wheels, such as bicycle wheels he often uses symbolize the endless circle of life. The women in his work represent the blessing of the ability to bring life into the world.

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