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Gen Paul 1895-1975

Gen Paul was a French painter, born in 1895 in Paris. He made history in French expressionism with his gouaches, drawings, engravings and lithography. In 1920's, he distanced himself from his friends Utrillo, Leprin and Génin in order to create his own form of expressionism, where movement and faces take up a leading role. In 1928, he participated in an exhibition at the Bing Gallery with artists like Picasso, Braque and Soutine. In 1930's, exhausted due to a fast running life, the artist was on the verge of dying. This event lead him to a new artistic revolution, characterized by using bright colors, more obvious strokes and the artist treated a variety of themes. After 1945, he went back to oil and gouache painting, he drew a lot and created works on Paris and musicians he met.

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