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Georges Manzana-Pissarro 1871-1961

Georges Henri Pissarro, better known as 'Manzana', was born in Louveciennes, the third of Camille Pissarro and Julie Vellay’s seven children. Like all second generation Pissarro artists, Georges initially worked under a pseudonym. In 1894 he adopted 'Manzana', the family name of his maternal grandmother. It was not until 1910, out of respect to his then deceased father, that he employed his own family name when signing his work. 
Manzana studied with his father from a very early age and, like Lucien, spent his formative years surrounded by distinguished artists of the Impressionist movement – Monet, Cézanne, Renoir and Gauguin – who frequented the Pissarro home. At his father's side he learnt not only to handle brush and pencil but also to observe and to love nature. 

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