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Renana Termechi  b.1980

Renana Tremchi, an Israeli artist, lives and works in Jerusalem. Renana Tremchi creates Jewish art in a unique way, more than the attempt to replicate reality she tries to capture her essence on the spiritual level, the characters in her paintings live and communicate with the viewer and he feels as if he is watching from the sidelines what is happening in their pulsating lives.
Renana's technical mastery of oil paints combined with her skilled drawing abilities allow her to independently represent what she sees or creates.
This is evident in the rich colors, the varied brushstrokes, sometimes very expressive and sometimes made up of transparent layers of oil paints that create a complex lattice of shades.
Through these layers the light enters and is reflected backwards, penetrating into the subject a truly illuminated subject. We can feel the movement and life under the folds of the clothes and the spark of the animal that exists even in the inanimate details.

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