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Moshe Castel (1909-1991)

Moshe Castel was born in Jerusalem in 1909.

Castel entered the Bezalel School of Art at the age of 13. 

In April 1948 he founded together with Josef Zaritsky, Yehezkel Streichman, Marcel Janco and other artists

The group of artists, who called themselves "New Horizons".

This group left the Association of Israeli Artists in protest of decisions taken at its meeting on April 22, 1948, regarding the identity of the artists whose works were preferred for display in an exhibition initiated by the Artists' Association. Moshe Castel added to the expressive style abstract oriental motifs, influenced by what was called "Canaanite art." Castel participated in the first exhibition of "New Horizons" held at the Tel Aviv Museum in 1948. That year he participated in the 24th Biennale in Venice.

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